Walls & Floors
The Best Wall & Floor Tiles on the Gold Coast

At Prestige Tile Corp, we are proud to provide the biggest range in wall and floor tiles Gold Coast residents and home owners will find anywhere! Having beautiful wall and floor tiles installed in your home is the key to adding character and charm to any indoor space – we know this, and it’s why we stock a range of wall and floor tiles that is second to none, as well as providing you with expert advice and customer service when it comes to any of your indoor tiling needs.

Prestige Tile Corp offers a team of true professional floor serving the world and community. Our craftsmen floor installation experts will help transform the look and atmosphere of your home or office to make it really stand out. We understand that the right floor creates a foundation for the whole interior and we strive to create genuine hardwood flooring masterpieces, anything from hardwood flooring to engineered . Depending on your specific needs, budget and installation area, our expert flooring consultants will help you choose the type of flooring and installation technique that will best suite your space. 

But what is the difference between wall tiles and floor tiles Gold Coast home owners can choose from? Cant tiles for a wall just be used on the floor and vice versa? During the production process, metallic effects and ranges of colours are individually layered on to wall tiles during the second and third times they are ‘fired.’ The result is rich and intricate finishes to the end result that are not usually available to purchase on floor tiles. Floor tiles have a greater density and are harder wearing due to their need to bear weight regularly, and so are only fired once at a far greater temperature so as to toughen them.

The applications for our wall and floor tiles Gold Coast home owners like you can find at Prestige Tile Corp are enormous. We have tiles and expert advice when it comes to any tiling or maintenance project you may have in your bathroom, your kitchen, your laundry, your shower, your dining room and indoor entertainment area, and plenty more besides!

At Prestige Tile Corp, you can purchase tiles in a range of materials and styles including:

  • Matte tiles
  • High gloss tiles
  • Metallic-coated tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Tiles with 3D effects

And in any amount of styles, colours, sizes and shapes to suit you, your style and your project! At Prestige Tile Corp, we have a massive range of wall and floor tiles Gold Coast designers, home owners, renovators and DIYers come to time and time again – have a look through our impressive range, and if you have something specific in mind for your indoor surface then come in and talk to our friendly team and we’ll make your vision come to life!